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06.09.2007. ShutterBLAST to shoot NORTHER and AMORAL in Helsinki


We are on our way out of Munich and will fully cover the next NORTHER/AMORAL gig at Nosturi in 48 hours.


See you there!

05.09.2007. ShutterBLAST now on the official staff of METAL SOUND!



  • ShutterBLAST is now officially a reporter and photographer for the Eastern European print magazine METAL SOUND!!


Check out the staff profile here:



Audrey Dujardin - GODDESS KALI
Audrey (also known as Aune Puistola, which is approximately the Finnish translation) is a French and American music reporter and photographer. Aune has been featured on a variety of print and internet magazines such as Legacy, Rock Hard Italy Online, or Tartarean Desire to cite only a few. She also owns and runs the metal photo website. Before being a reporter in print, Aune began interviewing bands on the radio, in France. She became a reporter in print when she returned from her studies in the USA. Aune lives in Germany but spends time every month in Finland, shooting bands and relaxing in the sauna. Aune is very familiar with the Finnish music scene and is specialized in folk and melodic death metal bands. Apart from music, Aune holds an MBA in Management of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Biomedical Technologies and is a junior executive in a multinational company.


01.09.2007. ShutterBLAST acquires new equipment!


ShutterBLAST is proud to announce the addition of a new Canon L series lens to its arsenal!


We have bought a new EF 70-200mm F/2.8 USM IS lens and several 77mm filters to adapt to and protect it, along with a new travel bag, as the old one was now way too small for the large 1.5 kilo lens!


Here is an image of this beauty, taken from the internet, for those who are curious...


27.08.2007. ShutterBLAST Up, New Urban Gallery

Related photo


After a short break imposed to us by our provider who had to do maintenance, we are back online!


New photos from Munich can be found here.

25.08.2007. ShutterBLAST back in Finland - Exclusive suprises to come!


ShutterBLAST's automobile may be down, but our private jet is still up and running.


ShutterBLAST will be back in the Land of the Thousand Lakes in a couple days and will shoot some live bands (names will be anounced later, to preserve suspense!) and some very special goodies are also planned, so keep your eyes turned to ShutterBLAST for some never-seen-before photos!!

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