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19.07.2010. TUSKA FESTIVAL 2010 - Day 3

As previously mentioned, our focus this year wasn't photography at the TUSKA Festival, but another great video documentary that we're putting together as you read this.


However we still managed to shoot our usual partners FINNTROLL along with the legendary MEGADETH on Day 3 of the TUSKA Festival.





17.07.2010. TUSKA FESTIVAL 2010 - Day 1

Our all-time favorite festival, TUSKA took once again and for the last time place in the heart of HELSINKI from the 2nd of July 2010 to the 4th of July 2010 at Kaisaniemi Park.


Once again, there will not be any photos of day 2,  because the day was spent searching for an emergency dentist, as I broke my tooth on the Saturday morning. Day 3 will be uploaded soon!


Please find below the photos of the world-wide exclusive show of Devin Townsend's ZILTOID THE OMNISCIENT!!







15.07.2010. OZZY OSBOURNE at RUISROCK Festival

After shooting long time friends and partners FINNTROLL and AMORPHIS on RUISROCK 2010, we shot the worldwide legend and Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne on the main stage.



July 09th, 2010

Ruisrock Festival, Turku, Finland

13.07.2010. A bet lost to the Warlord, TURISAS pics in Ruisrock online first.


After covering the TUSKA festival in Helsinki and doing some photo work in Finland, I travelled to Turku once again to work for several of my usual Finnish partners at the RUISROCK Festival. Somewhere along the way, I made a stupid bet with Warlord Nygård. The day after the TURISAS show, was the Soccer World Cup Finals, and I bet on the wrong team. Next time I meet TURISAS, I'll be as furry as they are.


With that uplifting thought in mind, here are some very special photos of TURISAS, featuring their perfomance with Finnish superstar Pianist Iiro Rantala, all Battle Metalled up for the event. The show was broadcast on the Finnish television channel YLE.


Click on the thumbnails for more pics.


TURISAS, featuring Iiro Rantala

Ruisrock, Turku, Finland

10 July 2010


07.07.2010. AMORPHIS DVD release and Gold Record ceremony in Helsinki


Audrey DUJARDIN, representing TERRORIZER magazine was invited to the very special and intimate AMORPHIS DVD  ' Forging the land of the Thousand Lakes' release event in a small movie theater in the center of Helsinki, together with the rewarding reception of their Gold Record for the sales of over 15 000 copies of the album Skyforger in their home territory. 


Click on the thumbnail below for more information.


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