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Audrey DUJARDIN / ShutterBLAST has been an active journalist in the music and metal scene since 1997 in various media such as radio, video, print, online and an active photographer since 2006. At that time the true passion for photography shifted our core competencies to a balanced product portfolio of text and image, offering now a broad spectrum of services.


After years of extremely dedicated hard work in the field of photography, we are proud to have secured a vast network of happy customers. Below you will find several testimonials of some of our satisfied customers, along with recommendations from our peers. 




A foreword from a reference in journalism:



Carl BEGAI – Journalist at BW& BK and author of the book 'Fire and Fame' 



Audrey Dujardin is an artist. Any moron can stand in a photo pit snapping pictures left and right in the hopes of catching a decent shot, picking and choosing from a memory card full of lackluster pictures after the fact and calling himself or herself a photographer. Even before the lights go down Audrey is in the thick of things, not because she has a job to do but because she wants to be there. In many cases she needs to be there, of her own free will. When the lights go down she watches the stage with an artist's eye, seeing the pictures she takes before and as they happen rather than keeping her fingers crossed. Beyond the concert hall Audrey is innovative and original, as seen in her Don't Say A Word features on, which are simultaneously thought provoking and amusing. Despite the professionalism, technical prowess and quality of work she brings to the table, however, Ms. Dujardin may be distressed to hear herself referred to as "sweet" and "warm-hearted", but these traits only serve to strengthen the belief that she has earned the right to succeed. Her passion for the job is a given; it's a word thrown around far too easily but I defy anyone to say it doesn't apply here. In a business polluted with fakes, leeches and wannabes Audrey is a rare point of light. I'm pleased to know her, work with her, and take the occasional elbow in the ribs for getting in her way while in the pit. Respect.






On journalistic work … 






Louise Brown – Editor of TERRORIZER Magazine



Regular customer –Press photography, live photography, journalism 



Why does Terrorizer use and love Audrey Dujardin? Well apart from crystal clear photos of an extremely professional quality she has the knack of getting under the skin of her subject. Be it a studio session or live shot she always nails the one photo with the band/artist smiling, laughing or with eyes gleaming. She is not a photographer in the voyeur sense, she seems to always know her subject and be able to engage with them through the lens. This is probably thanks to the fact she is one of the friendliest people in the whole European metal scene, so you know just before the gig she was backstage exchanging gossip with the band and through that they're going to give her the best shots, pose the most for her, make sure she hogs the eye contact, giving us pictures we use over and over again. Audrey is also ubiquitous. She is not at the show because you've asked her, she's at the show because she has a true passion for metal, so even when we've not commissioned a photo from her and quick email to ask if she has any live shots of x, y or z and you just know the answer will be YES! 





Christian Hector – METAL HAMMER Germany



Regular customer –Press photography, live photography 


Audrey is to be seen on almost every Metal concert in Munich – hustling around, taking pictures, talking to people. I discovered her talent to take outstanding pictures, while having a drink with her and some colleagues in an Irish Pub in Munich. There she unpacked some strange objectives and filters, which normally are used on film cameras and kept on explaining everything. I guess some of the guests there were pretty pissed by the flashlights she constantly blew into their faces. After that she did some small jobs for Metal Hammer and – what can I say – she didn’t let us down. Since then I was stunned over and over again by her photos. By now she did great stuff from AC/DC, Amorphis and Behemoth to Metallica, Mastodon or Life Of Agony for us – be it live shots or sessions. No photographer became one of the main photographers of Metal Hammer Germany that fast before! Ever! 





On DVD and photo projects for bands… 




Mathias Nygård – Founder and Frontman of TURISAS, Century Media



Regular partner – Production work on the Turisas DVD, press, live, tour, endorsement photography. 



We've worked together with Audrey on various projects. She has helped us out with various photographic needs: live shots, portraits for endorsers, behind the scenes footage, and - having become a close friend of the band - also just being around with her camera handy to immortalise our off duty moments. Audrey also played a huge role in the making of the documentary on our 2008 DVD ”A Finnish Summer With Turisas” in which she was involved to lead and plan the contents of the interviews. Audrey took a lot of responsibility in the contents, came up with tons of great ideas, and was extremely dedicated to the project from start to finish. Whatever she picks up, she puts herself into it with such passion, that I never cease to admire her energy which appears to be endless. She's the Duracell Bunny on speed who can squeeze 30 hours into a day.  





Sven de Caluwé  – Founder and Frontman of ABORTED, Century Media



Endorsement photography and work on the official ABORTED DVD. 



Working with Audrey was always a pleasure, she is very smart and professional. Everything we got from her (ranging from photography to journalism, endorsement photography, interviewing us for our official DVD) has been done with nothing but the strictest professionalism and a lot of enthusiasm and was delivered in time. I would definitely recommend anyone to do business with her.





On promotional photography … 




Mark JANSEN - Founding member, singer and guitarist of MAYAN and EPICA, Nuclear Blast Records


Promotional photography

Audrey and I met on a metal festival in Austria.  She seemed to be an active girl full of energy.

That first impression was confirmed after working with her on two professional shoots in France and in the Netherlands. Energy is a trait that I  like in photographers because photo shoots have a tendency to become very dull after an hour or so, but when a photographer keeps the spirit up, motivation high and energy flowing, you have all the ingredients for the best possible outcome.

We picked Audrey to work with us as she has a a very own unique style. Many photos of other photographers look a bit similar so it's great to see something refreshing. She works fast, knows what she wants and knows also when it's time to relax and make some jokes.

Audrey is well able to put people at ease by making little compliments at the right time and by showing the result of a great picture. This isn't as easy as it sounds, since it requires a fine sense of feeling. She's got that, giving her a head start to other photographers.

After the shoots I have done with Audrey (MaYaN and a personal shoot) I have received many compliments about the quality of her work.

Audrey is not only a high standard professional she's also very dedicated to the people she works with. She works very hard to make the deadlines and will try everything to make the bands happy with the end-result as well. She's open for suggestions and she's only satisfied when the end-result comes close to perfection (as for absolute perfection you'd need to hire God ;-)) Don't use her but treat her well :) In short, she's a very nice personality and top forma professional. If I were you I would consider her for your next shoot!



Juha RUUSUNEN - King Foo Entertainment, Manager of FINNTROLL.

Official promo photos of FINNTROLL, various promotional videos

'The decision to hire Audrey for the FINNTROLL promo photos was an exceptionally easy one. She is a long term friend of the band, has done a lot of work for them in the past and I personally have seen her works on many occasions. The shooting day went excellently, due to good arrangements made by Audrey. Nice person, great job, and we're gonna hire her again in the future!'


Dani Evans – Guitarist of  ALESTORM, Napalm Records

Promotional, Endorsement, Tour photography and stage mischief.

 'Audrey has been shooting Alestorm for two and a half years now, and since day one she's been wonderful to work with on stage, always finding the best way to capture each member and moment(even joining in on the moments sometimes!) and off; she works harder than any photographer I have ever seen in the professional scene flying between festivals and shows constantly while still managing to pull out some amazing shots for hundreds of bands all over the globe! 

She doesn't have to show off or push her work in your face like many do, as it speaks highly for itself with many bands and artists(Including Alestorm) opting to use Audrey's shots over many others. When we needed a new shoot with a new twist, we had no other photographer in mind and Audrey came on board. Instantly getting the ball rolling and the new shoot turned out to be our best yet, a simple idea made even better by her talents.  

Simply put, Audrey is easy to work with, a lot of fun to be around and professional to a point that everyone should aspire to.'



Ben Pakarinen – Vocals and lead guitar COPROLITH



Official promotional photos, live photography. 



Audrey was recommended to us by our manager Toni Törrönen last summer. We got money together and flew her in from Germany for the week end because we were very excited to work together with her. Once she was in Porvoo, she took live shots of Coprolith one evening and spent the whole following day shooting us in various locations. She was creatively involved in all stages of the photo session, from the concept to the location, make-up and poses as well as post production. Her appearance at our promo session even awoke the curiosity of the local press as a reporter from a Porvoo magazine then interviewed her and wrote a feature about the shoot the next day. We have used her photos for our record and promotional purposes and will fly her in to Finland again this summer for our new line up photos and recommend her further to our other projects. 



Olli Vänskä  ViolinTURISAS, Century Media


Press, Promotional, Live, Endorsement photograhy


 Audrey has shot more Turisas shows than anyone else during the last two years - she's our trusted photographer both on- and offstage, always delivering high-quality and lively pics. She has helped us out so much with different kinds of promo photos numerous times during this time only, so of course we want to show our support as well!



Thomas Panzenböck – BOON - Vienna


Official promotional photos


 We were searching for a photographer for the press kit and artwork for our forthcoming album. As we saw the pics on, it was clear, that just one person would be in the run. Because of Audrey's very full calendar, it was not so easy to fix a date, but what happened when the shooting started was amazing and fascinating. This lady has a vision, a clear concept and hectoliters of lifeblood when she´s in front and behind the camera. It was so pleasing to work with her: There was no stress at any time, and she was always still focused on the masterplan. As we saw the finished products, we couldn´t believe how amazing the pics had become. We recommend Ms. Dujardin to everybody who needs breathtaking photos and also wanna have a LOT of fun beside the work. We hope to do our next shooting also with her, if she is available – but with this power, Audrey will be one of the most booked photo artists, that´s for sure. This is photographers premiere league!



Toni Törrönen – Promoter/Agent SSG Management Ltd. - Tampere



Official partner on various events. Live, press and promotional photography.  



I booked Audrey Dujardin for two photo shoots in Porvoo, Finland

The first one was a promo shoot for the metal band Coprolith. I decided to call Audrey because I like her way of working, professionally but still really as a free spirit. Her way of working is firm and she always knows what to do next even if she doesn't get any suggestions from the band or the management. Finally the promo shoots were exactly or in fact more than expected. She captured the essence and spirit of the band. 



The second shoot was to get good live promotional photos for a total of about 9 bands during a 2 day festival in Porvoo, Finland. Audrey brings even the most uninteresting band to life during a live performance.





On Endorsement photography … 



Esa HOLOPAINEN, Guitar, AMORPHIS - Nuclear Blast Records


"In general photo-sessions are total pain in the ass. Specially for cynic Finnish guys like us the result is usually a school potrait lookalike. Audrey has magic in the air and you can catch the energy she spreads around. I can highly recommend Audrey. She is one of the most professional photographers I have ever met, this girl catches the moment. Thanks to her we look like a rock-band".



Niklas ETELAVUORI, bass, AMORPHIS, Nuclear Blast Records.


" I trust Audrey to capture what is needed. In this case the bass and me not me and the bass, Audrey nailed it right away.  No further posing required."




Peter ALCORN, Drums, ALESTORM - Napalm Records.


Audrey does lovely pitchers - i hardly ever drop drumsticks when she points cameras at me, and i normally drop loads of sticks"





"I wanted to find cool picture for the upcoming Ibanez catalogue. While looking at the pictures Audrey has taken during this year at the ShutterBLAST website I found the ONE. You can see the guitar completely, in all its glory, and I even have a look on my face that pays respect to our ancestors. Could it be any better? :) "



Yves HUTS, Bass, EPICA, Nuclear Blast Records.


Audrey makes awesome live photos. Most of them are just right: not to dark or light, not too focused or blurry, with a nice background and taken at just the right moment. You can feel the motion and the vibe of the concert, even if it is a still picture. And that's what makes her an extraordinary photographer.'



Angel - Suicidal Angels


Audrey hadn't spent one hour on the WACKEN festival grounds, before she was called to do a complete photo-shoot with us! Quickly on her feet, she found the perfect spot for us and started working immediately! The fact that we had just got off the stage, didn't trouble her at all. She worked her magic and actually made us look good!!! A much respected professional and a great gal to hang out with! Hopefully, we'll work again soon enough...Thanks Audrey!



Jussi Wickström, Guitar, TURISAS


Amazing work as always! I needed a photo for Ibanez that shows what
me and my guitar are all about... and this photo delivers exactly



Mark JANSEN, Guitar and vocals, EPICA, Nuclear Blast records


I asked our guitar endorser Ibanez to use pictures taken by Audrey, since she has taken the best pictures of me so far. She has shot me often and knows how I move on stage, so she's able to anticipate what I'll do, and I feel comfortable in front of her lens. We have a great model-photographer chemistry, both live and off-stage. It's always easier when the photographer knows what they want and how to see the subject, especially in an unpredictable environment like a live show.




Isaac DELAHAYE, Bass, EPICA, Nuclear Blast Records