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02.10.2005. SOULDRAINER, First Row in Hell

REVIEW: Souldrainer - First Row In Hell Self-financed, 2005
Souldrainer - First Row In Hell - cover art Only 3 tracks, what a shame ! How frustrating! Souldrainer sort of came out of nowhere, at least for a majority of the metal crowd (me included) but how could we have missed this band? I mean the project has been around since 1998… However, this can be explained by the fact that first, the band’s activity has been less than overwhelming in all that time and second, the band hasn’t been signed yet. The band only released 2 demos : Daemon II Daemon (track available once more on the First row in hell CD…) in 2001 and Promo 2004, released, like the name suggests, quite simply, in 2004. It’s really a shame that Souldrainer have never gotten signed or produced more material The thing is, i would never have even given time to write a few words about this band under normal circumstances, but it’s a fact : they’re full of talent ! And in particular Marcus Edvardsson who appears to be the band’s handyman, since he is altogether founding member, composer and sound tech for Souldrainer. On First row in hell , Daemon II Daemon, without being a bad tune, is still probably the least impressive. But the two first songs, First row in hell et Reborn are absolutely fantastic. The style is very dark melodic death metal mélodique très dark, very much inspired from Hypocrisy, but also with a little something personal, which is something increasingly rare in a country as metally-prolific as Sweden. The musical content is unusually refreshing, and it’s been a while since I enjoyed a demo this much. Ultra-pertinent riffs, very atmospheric outro on First row in hell, delicious guitar arrangements, it’s all there! Reborn also offers one of the most catchy refrains of all time. The keyboards are used parcimonically, and appear here and there with great pertinence. Daemon II Daemon is even more doom-like and atmospheric than the rest . The sound is very clean, and serves the various ambiances distilled on the mini-CD.

In short, when you stumble upon lousy records, you don’t feel like there’s anything to say about them. But when you find one that’s musically almost perfect, there’s nothing much to say either… So labels, on your marks…

written by Audrey Dujardin

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1. First Row In Hell
2. Reborn
3. Daemon II Daemon

Playing time: 12.21


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