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Lyon, France @ Le Transbordeur, Saturday, Dec 3rd, 2005

by Audrey Dujardin


I’ve been waiting for a long time to see one of the cornerstones of metal as we know it, the legendary Hypocrisy. Last time they came to Lyon, in April 2002, they only stayed about 15 minutes on stage because of a drunk and stupid crowd. This year many people thought the band would skip the Lyon date altogether. The atmosphere was more than tense.

The caliber that Hypocrisy has developed over the years is no mystery to anyone: the many albums they have put out throughout the nineties and afterwards speak for themselves, and so does the importance of Peter Tägtgren himself, as a ubiquitous member of today’s metal scene as a musician, producer or session artist. In fact, a lot of what is still good out there in music has gone through his expert hands in one way or another. And to make matters even better, mister metal mastermind has incorporated as a full time member in Hypocrisy and no longer just live fill-in of the band the no-less-legendary drummer Horgh, formerly battering for Immortal.

However, I must admit that upon arrival at the venue around 17H00, the atmosphere wasn’t very good. Hypocrisy had just finished its sound check and Peter looked either very angry or very hungover. He spent most of his time with a hood on his head and his back to the pit. A plausible explanation could be the events of 2002, which Peter has surely not forgotten, since he received the mic in his teeth a couple times at that gig. I bet he doesn’t want to reiterate. The local crew, well aware of the situation, was counting minutes until the show was over and they could relax.

I am however no less eager to see Hypocrisy live, since their latest release, Virus, has shut the mouth of those many Hypocrisy detractors who say that Hypocrisy hadn’t put anything worth wile out since the Final Chapter. Virus has renewed the band’s style in many ways, not only alternating very varied compositions in terms of tempo and melodies, but also adding some brutality with the integration of Horgh behing the skins, who has introduced virtuosity in blastbeating to the Hypocrisy style.


Doors open and the crowd warms up to Keep of Kalessin, who operate in epic black metal. I can almost see you frown from here. No, Keep of Kalessin is very good black metal. For those who may not be familiar with them, the band is led by Obisidian C., who is also a live member of Satyricon. Session members also include Frost and Attila. And indeed, the live act is very dark, and tinted with Mayhem and Dark Funeral. This is a band that I had never actually heard of before or seen live before, and the performance is excellent. I’m just sad that they only played for 30 minutes.


After a few minutes, Exodus appear, and I have to admit that I’m not a great fan of theirs, not being that much of a thrash adept. Although I am not keen on the genre, I have to admit that Exodus is technically kickass, and in particular Gary Holt’s solos, and for those who still need to be filled in, it’s Paul Bostaph behind the drums. Exodus are on for over an hour.

And finally, Hypocrisy come on stage, as one could have guessed with track number one from Virus: Warpath. First impression: the sound is almost perfect, much to my surprise, given such a short sound check and because I know that this venue usually doesn’t have such great sound anyway. After this introduction, the band continues with an unexpected track: Carved up that is in fact a transition towards Abducted and is the only song they played off of Roswell 47 (Lyon 47 today), that Hypocrisy reserved for the end of the set. After this piece, Peter does actually mention the events of a few years ago, just to let us know that he hasn’t forgotten. Afterwards, Hypocrisy play a number of songs taken out its vast discography. Much to my dismay, we will not be granted with one song from their debut album, Penetralia, when the band usually plays Left to rot somewhere along the line. Fortunately, we are blessed with some older material like Inferior devoties off of Osculum Obscenum and Apocalypse, hit song from The fourth dimension. Altogether, Lyon was able to hear a wide array of all the eras of Hypocrisy. Very calm songs like Fractured Millenium, Until the end or Fire in the sky and more aggressive and fast tracks like Adjusting the sun or Turn the page. However, these European tours are meant to be a showcase for the newer material, and Virus was put forward nicely: Scrutinized, Let the knife do the talking, A thousand lies.


Hypocrisy lets us rest our ears for a few moments before returning to the cheering crowd with a great encore. In fact, two of the band’s best songs: The eraser the inevitable The final chapter. After such a set, you can understand that this quasi perfect Swedish hour and a half went past too quickly. Unless of course there was a time warp and I was abducted.



Keep Of Kalessin


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