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05.12.2005. LENG TCH'E, Niclas Malfeyt



2005 has been an eventful year for Belgian grinders Leng Tch'e. They released their third full-length album "Process Of Elimination" for Relapse Records, they have visited the US and shared stages with Aborted and Impaled and they have parted ways with original vocalist Isaac. Bassist Nicolas Malfeyt answers these questions from Audrey Dujardin by mail in December 2005.

Hi Nico the great. You play bass in the Belgian grindcore act Leng Tch’e. The first question that comes to mind is: why couldn’t you come up with a band name that’s easier to spell?
Greetings Audrey the Red. We like to provide our fans with a mental challenge from time to time, since their brain activity is nearly flatlining from listening to all this noise.

The cover art on the Process of Elimination is killer. Who designed it?
A kick ass designer called Spina from Uruguay. We contacted a bunch of design wizards for our last album and he came up with the raddest proposal so we went with him. We’re very happy with the outcome. He is also quite good at taming wild horses I gather.

It appears that the album is getting good reviews and people are asking for shows. When are you going to release new material?
We have a split CD release planned with French grindcore band Warscars on Bones Brigade which will come out in May 2006, and our next full length on Relapse Records is planned for early 2007.

You are now playing with the big dogs, being booked at the big summer festivals and such, namely Fury Fest. How does that make you feel, and what can you tell us about your live performances?
Festivals are lots of fun because of the huge crowds, tons of cool bands you get to see and meet and plenty of food and booze in the backstage haha. But I’m always happy to go back to playing clubs because of the crowd interaction. We play extreme music and our live shows are very intense so we need that cosy setting to make it work.

Your latest album was released on Relapse Records. What did that change for you?
Signing to Relapse was the biggest boost a band like us could ever get. Regardless of whether people buy your album or not, they tend to take you more seriously and it definitely opens plenty of doors as far as shows go. Considering the style we play, this label fits us like a glove. A black leather glove with metal chains.

Do you think that the American crowd is now listening to you more?
We’ve always done well in the US of A going as far back as our first album. Our first split 7” was with American band Black Ops and our second album was released on American underground label Willowtip Records. We’ve crossed the atlantic twice already and both treks were very succesful. Both being on Relapse surely opened the floodgates to a lot bigger crowd of hungry grindcore fanatics.

Speaking of America, is a US tour planned in the future?
We’re working on a tour of Canada in spring of 2006 and I would very much like to play the westcoast of the US now, after visiting the eastcoast twice in the past.

Speaking of touring, can you tell us an anecdote about the tour with Morbid Angel?
That tour was a lot of fun for us, being the first big package tour we’ve been on and hanging out with the drunk vikings in Hatesphere. Morbid Angel are living deathmetal legends and apart from session guitarist Tony and their road crew, the rest of the band were pretty reclusive. Or maybe they were just hiding from our singer’s bad breath.

Now back to you, do you have any other bands, or creative side-projects?
Not really, my professional and private life takes up most of the time I have besides Leng Tch’e.

Seriously, did you take bass because musicians get more girls?
Actually I took up bass because we couldn’t find a decent bass player 2 years ago, and bass allows me to thrash around on stage more. I played guitar for about 5 years before switching to bass. And if I would have picked up the guitar to get more girls I sure as hell wouldn’t have started playing death metal and grindcore haha. A 70 year old paraplegic gets more ass than us.

How did it come that Sven joined the band, and do you think that it helps you in terms of credibility?
Sven actually started the band together with Isaac 5 years ago. Nice research Sherlock. Seriously, having an Aborted member in the band maybe gets the attention of some of the gore/deathmetal crowd but other than that it’s an entirely different genre. It might even make it more difficult for us because now everybody wants to know if the growler from Aborted is any good at the drums, whereas nobody would care about some unknown kid.

I hear that Leng Tch’e just put together a new video. When will it be out?
That is correct. We recorded a video for the song “Derisive Conscience” off our last album “The Process of Elimination”. It was directed by Maurice from Lowlifemedia who also did Exodus, Gorefest, Aborted and many more. Everything was shot in one day and it was lots of fun. The finished product is now in the hands of Relapse who will decide what to do with it. By the time you read this it will probably be programmed on MTV somewhere between Gwen Stefani and Snoop Dogg.

What is it about?
The story in the video is about a guy who is late for work at his office, gets shit from his colleagues and boss, and finally gets sick of the whole corporate ratrace bullshit and slaughters everybody around him. Pretty gory.

Can you tell us an anecdote about how that video was made?
We actually shot the video in the offices of one of my former employers. Very cool of him to let us thrash his office space haha.

You just played at the Xmass festival in Tilburg, and the show was confirmed only a few days ahead of time… any comments about that?
Aborted was supposed to play first but their bass player couldn’t make it so we replaced them. I was afraid nobody knew we were playing but the place was packed and we had a huge moshpit going for us, it was awesome. Holland is really starting to dig being crushed by the mighty Fist of the Leng Tch’e.

It’s going to be a year now since Miesko from Nasum died in the events in Asia. Any comments about that?
That was tragic, we played with them 2 months before it happened. Very nice guys in the band, all of them. Nasum were the stalwarts of European grindcore for the past 10 years and he will be sorely missed.


Now about you. Do you prefer waffles or mussels?
I don’t eat anything that looks and smells like a reproductive organ. Waffles all the way.

Is Belgium a real country? I mean, you guys have a king and stuff…
Belgium is actually a fantasy kingdom made up for the sake of bedtime stories. People need these magical fairytales to lighten up their miserable lives. Sure everybody has heard of Belgium and therefore assume that it exists, but how many of you can actually pinpoint it on a map or have visited it? Right. In reality we’re just a province of Germany. Deutschland über alles!

Now say whatever comes to mind when I mention the following:

Fury fest
Red wine… my head

Relapse records
Best taste in music

Napalm Death

Best pure grind band in Europe… RIP Mieszko

Crazy crowds, silly humour and expensive road restaurants

Morbid Angel
Greatest deathmetal band ever. Also latex.

Cephalic Carnage
Awesome live band, great musicians, hilarious band members

Wonderful metalheads, beautiful nature, asshole politicians

Le roi des belges
Puppet. Give me some of your money old man.

The riots in France
Ban hiphop music

American vs English vs Swedish grind
Before: England. Now: difficult… Sweden gets the edge on traditional grind, USA gets the edge on innovation

From Brussels

Where you will be in 5 years
Hopefully still making kick ass music yet not broke all the time.

Thank you very much for this interview! Get the lowdown from See you on tour soon!


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