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05.02.2006. NORTHER, Till Death Unites Us


REVIEW: Norther - Till Death Unites Us Spinefarm Records, 2006



  Norther operate in that style of melodic death metal that is so popular these days. The Finnish quintet is in the vein of all those bands out there like In Flames, Trivium, Unearth or Lamb of God, who are increasingly successful with the new wave of teenage listeners. However, unlike In Flames who put out a new ‘Jester Race’ every time, Norther can come up with some inventive riffs and alternative melodies. Thank you. Finally. The youngsters could very well provide the renewal of a saturated genre, by borrowing from big brothers Children of Bodom and In Flames, and adding a zest of thrash metal, to differenciate from all of the above. By combining bits and pieces from here and there, Norther don’t actually re-invent anything, but it’s in their inspiration that they place themselves well above most current metal releases. Yes, the sound is a little stereotypical of the Fredman Studios, but the compositions are so aerial and pleasant, that I don’t think that any other production would have been suitable for the record.


From a technical point of view, a number of things are to be underlined. First, the record was recorded entirely by the band apart fro the drums and bass, with no influence from the outside. The result is more spontaneous, and more personal. Second, from a technical point of view, the musicians are evidently very comfortable, and the guitar soli are very precise, clean, and crisp, and contribute to give Norther their own touch. I’d wholeheartedly compare those soli to those of Amott of Carcass on ‘Heartwork’ and following albums, because of their speedy execution, their melodic elements and general feeling.


Unlike the promising ‘Jester Race’ by In Flames who proved to be an excellent album followed by nothing but carbon copies, it seems that Norther is refreshing the genre to an extent. In short, I’d like to add that Norther aren’t appreciated in the south of Europe to the extend they deserve. I’ll recommend catchy instantly pleasing songs like ‘Evil Ladies’, ‘Fuck you’ or ‘Scream’. To fully appreciate the originality of the band you need to bear in mind that the artists in the band are also from very wide horizons, since Petri Lindroos also sings for folk metal band Ensiferum, Jukka Koskinen plays bass in no less folk metal band Wintersun, and newly incorporated drummer Heikki Saari comes from the band Virtuocity.


And finally, I can only hope to see Norther hit the stage here some time soon, so that we can see them practice their art in the flesh. Altogether, Norther have proven that a Finnish band can produce delightful Swedish death metal!


Norther - Till Death Unites Us - cover art

written by Audrey Dujardin

1. Throwing My Life Away
2. Drowning
3. Norther
4. Everything
5. Evil Ladies
6. Omen
7. Scream
8. Fuck You
9. Alone In The End
10. Die
11. Wasted Years
12. The End Of Our Lives

Playing time: 45.52

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