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Saint Maurice, Switzerland @ le Manoir Rhodanien, Friday 22 / 04 / 2006

by Audrey Dujardin


Impaled Nazarene photo

I think I can claim without a doubt that the above mentioned bands are probably the biggest bill you ever saw in the Swiss village of Saint Maurice, only a few kilometres South-East from the Geneva lake, in the bottom of a deep Alpine valley. Tonight’s show didn’t even take place in an actual concert hall, instead the bands played in a pub: le Manoir Rhodanien. The fact is that the Impaled Nazarene show was scheduled to take place in Geneva, then it got changed to Wil, on the other side of the country, before the PC police decided to cancel that gig and the Saint Maurice promoters stepped in to schedule the gig with a 48 hour notice. Surpringly enough, over 100 people showed up, which, given the circumstances and lack of promotion was quite amazing.


le Manoir Rhodanien venue

The bad thing about the Swiss Alps it the Swiss drivers. It took us 6 hours to get to the venue, and we only met up with people at 6 pm. Upon arrival, the Cerberus at the door are Mika Luttinen, Tuomio and Perra the tour manager, who are holding the register. And it was a damn cheap entrance fee too: 15 CHF, about 10 Euros.


Dark Rise photo

No time to think or order a beer, because it was already time for the Lausanne-based band DARK RISE to begin playing, for about 30 minutes. This was the band’s last date on the tour together with Impaled Nazarene, and they played some pretty good and very intense death metal. All in all well executed and not ridiculous technically speaking. However, like for the following acts, the sound in this venue is really really shitty, and crunchy, especially on the guitar soli.


Resurrecturis photo

Up next are RESURRECTURIS from Italy. They rock up the Swiss-crossed-arms-sad-faced audience and because it’s Janos’ birthday, they really tear up the stage (and the backstage too).The guys are obviously having a lot of fun, even though they are playing for the legendary living-dead Swiss audience (in the words of Mika ‘the rock police’, who stand there and barely nod their heads up and down). Apart from the drummer, they are all topless, but they still look a little glam in their blue jeans… Janos, the singer and lead guitarist is even walking around on stage with a very open fly, so that all can appreciate his elegant undergarments, already half way revealed by his low risers. In short he basically embodies the Italian sex-appeal, death metal style. Musically speaking, Ressurecturis isn’t cheerleader music. They really have their own style, between thrash metal and death metal but in a very personal way, rare quality these days! The set is composed of a variety of personal touches such as that circus theme music solo that would probably be more expected to come out as a cell phone ring tone than as a death metal solo… Also to be noted is the cover of Napalm Death’s Unchallenged Hate.


Impaled Nazarene photo

These two first bands have very honourably opened the stage for the Finnish team Impaled Nazarene. The Finns are instantly in Olympic condition and begin vaporizing the audience with their famous nuclear metal. Although Mika’s vocals are not very varied throughout the set, probably due to being unable to hear himself in the monitors, you can sense that the man is a ball of nerves and hatred. I have never seen so much hate in a live act before. In a different style, bassist Arc v 666 takes over the stage (did i mention the stage is lilliputian ?) and almost pokes Mika’s eyes out various times throughout the show. We try to start a moshpit and fail lamentably, so we just watch the show with a silly grin while banging our heads. Close to the end of the performance, Arkki (it’s the bass player’s show tonight) tops off the gig with some slick (broken) sunglasses from hell dances and sets the (wild) tone for the rest of the party.


Impaled Nazarene photo

Now to go back to the appreciation of the music itself, i must say that both guitarists did an excellent job, given the God-awful lighting conditions they were in to play the soli. Those were sometimes executed in total darkness. The excellent new LP Pro Patria Finlandia is damn good live, with poetry like Weapons to tame a land, Goat Sodomy Kut or Psykosis. The old hits of the band aren’t left out, like We are Satan’s generation or the hippy loving song The horny and the horned, from Ugra Karma. IMPALED NAZARENE is still possessed by the spirit of punk, which makes pretty much everything catchy. The set ends on Total War – Winter War from Suomi Finland Perkele , embodying everything that we like about Impaled Nazarene, and is now sort of the band’s greatest hymn. No encore this time, because of a strict 10 pm curfew so that the less lethargic people in the crowd can drive to Vevey to see Sadus and Darkane.


Impaled Nazarene photo

On the whole, a very intense show with songs played and alternated at light speed, with no time to pause. I have to say that after seeing IMPALED NAZARENE live for the first time this is one of the most unique acts I’ve seen in a while. I mean, no one has this much hate in them, and no one is more in your face than this. Honest.



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