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05.11.2006. WINTERSUN Gig Interrupted By Western European Blackout - Nov. 5, 2006

WINTERSUN's appearance last night (November 4) at the Burning Fall festival in Lichtenfels, Bavaria was interrupted by a complete electric blackout. This blackout began at 10:13 p.m. in the Cologne area of Germany and the domino effect caused a cascade of electricity cuts throughout Western Europe. (Read an Associated Press report at this location.)

WINTERSUN hit the stage for the second song of its set when the whole town of Lichtenfels plunged into darkness for about 10-15 minutes. As emergency lighting was on, drummer Kai Hahto entertained the disappointed crowd with a drum solo until the power finally came back on. The rest of the show went on without any further disruptions.

In addition to WINTERSUN, the Burning Fall festival featured performances by AMON AMARTH, HEAVEN SHALL BURN, THE VISION BLEAK, TYR and TRANSYLVANIAN BEAT CLUB.

In September, WINTERSUN re-released its debut album, which originally came out in 2004, in a "Special Tour Edition" via Nuclear Blast Records. In addition to the regular album, the package includes a live DVD containing footage from the band's performance the Summer Breeze festival in Germany.

WINTERSUN recently spent time in a recording studio laying down tracks for its follow-up effort, entitled "Time". Songtitles set to appear on the CD include "Sons of Winter and Stars", "Land of Snow and Sorrow", "Time", "Fire", "One with the Shadows", "Storm" and "Silver Leaves".

The band previously described the upcoming album as containing "seven epic songs and quite long ones, over 65 minutes of material. It's a theme album. The music has some new dimensions, but has also the recognizable 'WINTERSUN style.'"

(Thanks: Audrey Dujardin / Tartarean Desire)

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