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01.02.2007. NORTHER: New EP Track Listing Revealed, Teaser Clip Available - Feb. 1, 2007

Finnish metallers NORTHER have revealed the track listing for the new EP, "No Way Back", to be released in Finland by Suomen Musiikki at the Finnish Metal Expo (held February 16-18 in Helsinki). Release dates for other territories will be announced soon.

"No Way Back" track listing:

01. Frozen Angel
02. C.U.S.
03. No Way Back
04. Reach Out
05. Close Your Eyes

A teaser medley for the EP can be found at this location. Check out the CD artwork here.

NORTHER's video for the new song "Frozen Angel" has been posted online at this location (MPG file, 41 MB). The track is featured on the soundtrack to the new Finnish film "V2: Jäätynyt Enkeli", which was released in Finland on January 5 via King Foo Entertainment. Also appearing on the soundtrack are AMORPHIS, KOTIPELTO and THUNDERSTONE, among other artists.

NORTHER's latest album, "Till Death Unites Us", was issued in Finland in January 2006 and the rest of Europe in March. The CD entered the official Finnish chart at position No. 6.

(Thanks: Audrey Dujardin / Tartarean Desire)


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