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03.02.2007. BATTELORE, Evernight


REVIEW: Battelore - Evernight Napalm Records, 2007


Battelore - Evernight - cover art

 I was expecting a little bit more from Battlore I have to say. Napalm Records have signed a significant number of good bands in the past years, such as Korpiklaani, Tyr Trail of Tears, Tristania or Leaves’ Eyes, and I thought that with their previous record ‘Third age of the sun” Battlelore would release something a little bit more mature on their fourth full-length.

To be honest, and this is only a question of personal value judgement, I always had a hard time taking Battlelore seriously because of the over-use Tolkien imagery. Well, to each his own, props can also be nice, when they aren’t there to compensate lack of content (perfect example of misuse is Epica). But I thought that Battlelore was on the right track, and I was really expecting a little bit more orchestrations, and a little bit more experimentation in the music.


I’m very sorry to say that.this album didn’t meet my expectations. In a nutshell, the music is oh-so-basic gothic metal in the style of Tristania meets Leaves’ Eyes meets Darkwell. Hang on. These guys are all on the same label… Coincidence? Anyway. To make a long story short, on ‘ Evernight’, it feels like the same vocal lines are repeated on a range of 5 notes in a sinusoidal form and going on to infinity. In other words, quite boring female vocals. If I skip around though the songs, not only do I find that all the female parts sound the same, but there is absolutely no attempt to even try something exciting like holding a note, going for a little bit of vibrato, or even push higher than a ‘A’ or a ‘B’ 4. As Mezzo Soprano as you can be. Right. I’ve ranted a lot about the vocals, but there is also one other thing in this record that really bugs me: the fact that I feel like I’m listening to a collection of songs by other artists! For example, the intro to the first track “house of heroes’ sounds like Tristania, before sounding more and more like old Lacuna Coil. The ‘Ocean’s Elysium’ not only borrows the imagery of Leaves’ Eyes, it also sounds just like it. ‘summon the wolves’ is pretty much also in the lines of Darkwell. And so on and so on. So in other words, nothing that original, anywhere. And when it comes to musicianship, well, there’s nothing wrong, but nothing struck me as extraordinary either.


Conventional drum tempos, conventional drum fills, classic song structures and rhythm changes, very sterile male vocals, I mean the production is quite decent on the record, but it really lacks feeling all over. No real aggressivity, no real sorrow or anything…


Well you’re starting to get the idea. I find this album okay, but not revolutionary. I even like Nightwish more. That’s got to tell you something.


Songwriting 5
Production 8
Guitars 7
Vocals 3
Bass 7
Drums 7
Keyboards 9
Cover Art 3
Logo 3

written by Audrey Dujardin

1. House Of Heroes
2. Ocean's Elysium
3. Summon The Wolves
4. We Are The legions
5. Into The New world
6. Longing Horizon
7. Mask Of Flies
8. The Cloak And The Dagger
9. Beneath The Waves

Playing time: 42.50

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