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17.01.2009. ELUVEITIE - Don't say a word



Swiss Folk Metallers ELUVEITIE dropped by in Germany for the week end and were given ShutterBLAST's 'Don't say a word' interview treatment. The principle is that the band is asked a series of questions but can only answer with their body.


Here is the result...





How did you feel when you signed your contract with Nuclear Blast Records?







What did you think it would be like to go on tour for the first time?







What did it feel like to be one of the only girls on a tour with 6 bands and mostly guys?








What's it like to tour with Korpiklaani?






How about working with Primordial on the new album?





How was the end of 2008 after 4 tours and an intense recording session for the new album?







What is people's usual reaction when they see a hurdy gurdy for the first time?







How do you think your fan-base will react to an acoustic album?







What will 2009 look like for Eluveitie?





How close are you as band members?






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