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09.05.2009. BEHEMOTH - Don't Say a Word with NERGAL




Polish black-death metal sensation BEHEMOTH's mastermind NERGAL dropped by in Germany for the week end and was given ShutterBLAST's 'Don't say a word' interview treatment. The principle is that the band is asked a series of questions but can only answer with their body.


Here is the result...

BEHEMOTH are about to release their first record on NUCLEAR BLAST. The effort is entitled 'EVANGELION' and is about to take black/death metal to a whole new level. Here are NERGAL's views on the past, the present and the future.




How did you apprehend your first tour?



What was it like working with REGAIN Records?




What is it like working with NUCLEAR BLAST Records?



What does it feel like to get on a tour with Marilyn Manson and Slayer?



You got sued in Poland for desecrating the Bible....



But you won the lawsuit!




Summarize the stage performance  you intend to deliver with the album




Your new album EVANGELION?




What do you think about people who said you would never make it?





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