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10.05.2009. BEHEMOTH Listening session


What a fine day for some black metal... Editor James Hoare, me, myself and I joined our dark brain waves in the South of Germany in the sunny and green Stuttgart region to listen to the new BEHEMOTH sound-wall of death, Evangelion.


James is the man to tell you about the music, I was just there for the video games.


Once the British part of the team was done giving Nergal a hard time in private, I conducted a little 'Don't say a word' Interview for your viewing pleasure. As you know, the concept is that the band/artist is asked a series of questions and cannot speak but instead answer with body language. 


And... voilà! (click on the photos below)



Like I said above, I only get out of bed if there are some blinking lights and lot of arcade games involved (do I??) so this was no exception. See below how hard a day's work can be when on the road.... And For a video of Mister Hoare in action click HERE




Finally, to finish it off, here are the best Necro Quotes of the day:


James Hoare, Editor of Terrorizer Magazine:

' I want to be in a Bon Jovi video'.


Markus Staiger, owner of Nuclear Blast Records, showing his camera-phone to Behemoth's Nergal:

'Look, this is my cat. He's called Wiggle.'


Jaap Wagemaker, A&R Manager, Nuclear Blast Records:

' I need to get up at 8h30 tomorrow morning. I have to buy strawberries.'


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