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30.08.2009. ShutterBLAST TEARSHEETS


Here are some examples (not all, just a few) of what ShutterBLAST has been up to the last few months...




May 2009, AC/DC

Live at Munich Olympia Stadium

for Metal Hammer


72 000 people showed up to the sold out show, and it was quite strange to have to shoot the band from the center of the catwalk ramp but a memorable show nevertheless. And one of the published pics was even taken with my cell phone... 






July 2009, METALLICA

Live at Hockenheim Ring

for Metal Hammer


METALLICA's first editions of the Sonisphere festivals took place all over Europe. The German gig featured some ultra cult bands such as Die Toten Hosen, Anthrax, The Prodigy and many others. The day was so hot that I got the worst sunburn of the year and spent as much time as possible in the press office, near the air conditioning conduit.







for Terrorizer


Behemoth was elected three times in the last Terrorizer polls for Best Live Band, best Vocalist and Best Drummer. ShutterBLAST proudly shot this angry pic of Nergal at Tuska in 2008, and the centerfold poster that goes with it as well. The editorial pic was shot at Summer Breeze 2008.






BEHEMOTH Listening Session

For Metal Hammer


ShutterBLAST was invited to the Behemoth listening session presented by frontman Nergal. He was great at posing for us, and we have a lot of killer shots left over from that session.






for Metal Hammer


Finntroll are one of those bands that ShutterBLAST has been following for years and years. Our first tour report with them was in 2005 in France and Spain, later, we joined them in Finland on various occasions, then at Sonic Pump studio in Helsinki for a Studio Report, many interviews over the years, and a lot of things you don't want to know. We embarked on a tour across Germany and Austria with the scoundrels and published our work in Germany and the UK. Here is the the German first, going over Munich, Dortmund, Linz, Nürnberg.






For Terrorizer


For the UK version of the report we had a photo session with Primordial in Linz, Austria. this is the photo that you can see on the top of the first page. the focus of the German article was Finntroll and the focus of the UK article was Primordial.









Turisas are now certainly among the closest partners of ShutterBLAST and probably the band other than Norther that we have shot the most often, ever. As most of you already know, Mr Warlord Nygard and ShutterBLAST collaborated on the conception of the Turisas DVD " A Finnish Summer with Turisas", and we conducted the interviews in the documentary of that release. Apart from capturing Turisas live, ShutterBLAST has also shot almost all of their endorsement images.  We have covered all of their European tours since 2008 and here is some of the published work related to the band, in Germany, the UK and Finland.


TURISAS Tour Report

for Terrorizer

Over the UK dates, includes a centerfold poster.







TURISAS - Warlord interview and editorial photo

For Terrorizer

This interview photo was shot in Winterthur, Switerland, and the small pic in the next page was taken in Munich, Germany.






for Metal Hammer


This photo is also taken on the Turisas/Norther tour across Europe but only the Norther photo was taken by ShutterBLAST. This photo was shot in Munich, Germany.




TURISAS Tour Report

for Suosikki


This was our first time collaborating with a Finnish media, and got our foot in the door for further work in Finland, as you'll see a bit farther down.









for Metal Hammer


ShutterBLAST was commissioned to have a photo session with USA's almighty MASTODON during their promotional tour across Europe to promote their album Crack the Skye. We met them at their Hotel, in Munich and the concept behind the session was to make them stare at 'the skye'.





for Metal Hammer


One of ShutterBLAST's all time favorite bands, Amorphis is an outfit we have always loved shooting in all sorts of locations. Our first proper session with the band in Serbia, but for the following session we were sent to a nightclub in Helsinki during their listening session for the release of 'Skyforger'.





 for Zillo


Over the course of the last year, Eluveitie have become majors business partners of ShutterBLAST. We have been called in for practically all of their endorsement photos and have covered many of their shows, including the release party of their new album in their home near Zurich. On top of all this we have shot the official promotional photos for Meri Tadic's solo project Irij in her hometown of Winterthur. The following pic was taken during the listening session of their new album. A lot of other lovely photos of this interview can be found on ShutterBLAST.




for Terrorizer


After years of silence Pestilence hit European stages in April of 2008. ShutterBLAST was commissioned for a photo session with the band in London.




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