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31.10.2009. ELUVEITIE - Don't say a word part 2


Swiss Folk Metallers ELUVEITIE dropped by in Germany for the week end and were given ShutterBLAST's'Don't say a word' interview treatment. The principle is that the band is asked a series of questions but can only answer with their body.



How have you been since the last time we did this interview? 



How was it playing the Tuska festival in Finland this year?




How do you feel about being on tour so much in the last 2 years?



You're going to be touring in the USA with Alestorm, what's your take on Pirate Metal?


How would it be to go on tour together with Ex Deo, them being the Romans and you guys being the Gauls?



Who is in charge in the band?


You know about 'air guitar'. Can you 'air' whatever favorite instrument you have?



Hurdy Gurdy

Here are some pumpkins. Can you draw on them how you see each other?



Now give each other your pumpkins.






I'm going to play you the song 'Fuck very much' by Lily Allen. Write down the name of a person or a situation that comes to mind when you hear this song.



Thanks and let's do another interview next time :)



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