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21.01.2010. ShutterBLAST again mentioned by metal journalist reference Carl BEGAI, official thank you! was launched in 2007 as a website to publish the photographic work of Audrey DUJARDIN, who had been contributing to various international music publications for several years. Active in radio, print, video and even in her own band until she moved to Germany, Audrey felt it would be a shame not to publish the photos she took at shows whenever they weren't used for articles or by bands.


ShutterBLAST's very first ambitions were modest. It was supposed to be a showcase for fans. However the photographer gained interest and notoriety throughout Europe from North (Finland) to South (Italy) and from East (Serbia) to West (the UK) , all the way to the USA. Demand grew and grew, until ShutterBLAST was no longer only a website to showcase live photography. It quickly became a real brand, and the reference trademark of a driven and bubbly photographer with way too many ideas for one lifetime. 


Audrey rapidly found herself going on tours, into recording studios, flying over Europe to festivals and being requested for endorsement, press and promotional material by some of the heavyweights of Metal and Gothic music, and established industry professionals such as the main record labels, clothing and instrument manufacturers.


For this privilege and honor, Audrey would like to thank all those who believed in her and made this possible. And a very special thank you goes to Carl BEGAI, reference in expeditive, to-the-point metal scribery but especially for his powerful use of the Shakespearean iambic pentameter while whiplashing foolish groupies and pop stars on the delightful pages of his pay-as-you-laugh blog. Yes and for those who hid under a rock since the 80s, he's also one of the main contributors to Canada's Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles and the author of the book 'Fire and Flame'. I can't believe you're still reading this, when you should click HERE to go read his blog, and in particular the wonderful tribute he has made to the work of


For this, a deep, humble bow goes to Carl.


A snippet of the post can be read below. 




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