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18.02.2010. FINNISH METAL MEETING 2010



Germany, gloomy Germany. It's mid-February and I haven't been to Finland in a heartbreaking six weeks. I'm trying to get Louise to come over to Munich to take advantage of the world's largest sauna for way over two years now, with no success. What to do, what to do. I know: go to Finland, the country where there are more per-capita saunas than cars WITH Louise, and cover the Finnish Metal Meeting and Industry day in the capital of Frostbitten Metal!!


We both arrive from two separate corners of 'Europe' (for Finnish people that means everything South of Scandinavia and North of Africa), and Louise and I both land at Vantaa airport before driving to the city center with a delegation of Very Important People. Indeed the Finnish Metal Meeting this year has invited our Louise to be one of the main speakers at the Industry Day, on Thursday February 18th. She's supposed to debate against a wall of Industry professionals and online-magaziners about why it's so important to keep your favorite print magazines in the shelves.  


Let's go over this again for those of you who were hiding under a rock for the past 5 years. What happens at FME? Basically, everything. Everyone who is anyone in the  heavy metal business flies to Helsinki from the four corners of the earth to do business. FME is like a giant heavy metal fair, with booths for instrument manufacturers, various sponsors, festivals, clothing, record labels, etc, with musicians showcasing their talents, gigs on two stages, and the opportunity for the industry professionals to have 'meetings' in a designated area in front of a number of alcoholic beverages.


Ritualistically, all the usual suspects from Helsinki also show up: local celebrities, bands, promoters and the like. 


Before all these exciting events, on the 18th at club Nosturi takes place the 'Industry Day', where conferences on various topics are held by opinion leaders (such as our Louise) and topics are debated upon. Then, to relax the atmosphere, we're all entitled to enjoy a nice big serving of Finnish Metal rock and roll style with ARMOUR, all-star style with BARREN EARTH and cave-style with FINNTROLL. 


My job in this jungle of long hair and tattoos is to provide you avid readers with some excellent viewing material in the form of pics of the industry event and selected bands (see below, click on the pics of each band to access a full gallery of pics on ) and to film a video documentary on the madness with interviews of AMORPHIS, HYPOCRISY, CHTONIC, with all sorts of local heroes, such as the management behind main Finnish exports NIGHTWISH, or MOONSORROW, fans, local promoters and just some backstage nonsense to make your mouth water. Give us some time to sort and edit this little baby, and keep your eyes turned towards TERRORIZER online in the next week or so. We'll be back shortly and you won't regret it.





















FME at Cable Factory 



Louise watching her favorite band (Sonata Arctica)











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