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05.04.2010. Finnish Metal Expo 2010 - VIDEO DOCUMENTARY Part 1 Online


Why is everyone who is anyone in the Heavy Metal music industry flocking to frostbitten Helsinki, Finland in the heart of winter every year around the Valentine’s day week end? Where can you meet and greet members of Apocalyptica or Ville from Sentenced, get a drink in a bar with Niclas from Amorphis, have a guitar duel with Alexi Laiho of Children of Bodom, watch a drum clinic with  Kai Hahto from Swallow the Sun, or a business meeting with Ville Sorvali from Moonsorrow? Where can you get a custom-made ergonomic guitar from Amphisound, merchandise directly from Spinefarm records or information about next year’s Tuska festival, and all this in the same building? Only at Finnish Metal Expo.


What town hosts more per-capita rockstars than any other place in the world, where can you start the day at the Liinanmaki amusement park, walk on the beach, go ice-skating, have a picnic on the Suomenlinna islands, enjoy seasonal discounts at Marimekko AND be on time for checking out the dozens of metal bars and karaoke all evening long? Only in Helsinki.


Audrey DUJARDIN from Terrorizer magazine together with partner Mitja HARVILAHTI from YLE broadcasting company put together a complete metallist’s guide to the 2010 instalment of the famous Helsinki Finnish Metal Expo.


This feature takes you straight into the heart of the action. Meet the fans, meet the people behind FME, and meet a selection of some of the most legendary bands in metal with interviews, behind the scenes and live footage of Hypocrisy, Amorphis and Chtonic. Watch a discussion with promoters and managers who run the Finnish metal world with King Foo and Metalheim, find out what makes Finnish guitars so special with Amphisound, listen to Century Media records tell you why they love Finland so much, and why you should go out after work to metal club PRKL, down the road from the main railway station.


In a town plunged in almost complete winter-darkness for months, where the snow falls sideways but where the saunas are always warm and welcoming, you’ll understand why so many people want to fly all the way to Kaapelitehdas for three days of rock and metal. Filmed for fans of every kind of metal and even for those who are simply curious, this Terrorizer documentary takes you to places too cool (and too cold) to be left unspoken of.


Click on the thumbnails to access the video then click on FME 2010 to see the FIRST of the two part video.





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