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03.11.2010. ShutterBLAST shoots new official SUICIDAL ANGELS promo pics


It's been quite a busy summer for ShutterBLAST! Right after working for AMORPHIS on Wacken's Black Stage, I ran straight off to meet SUICIDAL ANGELS in the backstage for a promo photo session. And straight after that, I took off to Belgium and the Netherlands for the next Festival, all in 3 days! At any rate, I'd like to announce my collaboration with Greek thrash metallers SUICIDAL ANGELS on their new promo pics... See below!





"Audrey hadn't spent one hour on the WACKEN festival grounds, before she was called to do a complete photo-shoot with us! Quickly on her feet, she found the perfect spot for us and started working immediately! The fact that we had just got off the stage, didn't trouble her at all. She worked her magic and actually made us look good!!! A much respected professional and a great gal to hang out with! Hopefully, we'll work again soon enough...Thanks Audrey!"

Angel/Suicidal Angels

02.11.2010. TURISAS Guitarist Jussi Wickström & IBANEZ guitars collaborate with ShutterBLAST


Long-time friend and partner Jussi WICSKTRÖM, guitarist of Finland's TURISAS and IBANEZ guitars have chosen me to work on the new Ibanez catalog photos. See a small version below:


Jussi Wickström, TURISAS



Jussi Wickström, Guitar, TURISAS


"Amazing work as always! I needed a photo for Ibanez that shows what
me and my guitar are all about... and this photo delivers exactly

21.10.2010. EPICA Guitarists Mark JANSEN & Isaac DELAHAYE & IBANEZ guitars collaborate with ShutterBLAST

Friends and partners Mark JANSEN & Isaac DELAHAYE, guitarists of Dutch-Belgian outfit EPICA and IBANEZ guitars have chosen me to work on the new Ibanez catalog photos. See small versions below:




I asked our guitar endorser Ibanez to use pictures taken by Audrey, since she has taken the best pictures of me so far. She has shot me often and knows how I move on stage, so she's able to anticipate what I'll do, and I feel comfortable in front of her lens. We have a great model-photographer chemistry, both live and off-stage. It's always easier when the photographer knows what they want and how to see the subject, especially in an unpredictable environment like a live show.







I first met Audrey at one of the summer festivals carrying tons of photography equipment, running around from stage to stage to get the best shots of every band playing and trying to catch up with friends backstage in the meantime. Curiously, she managed to get all of it done with a lot of flair.
Okay, i admit, i don't know shit about how to make a nice picture, but i do know the difference between a good picture and an excellent picture. Audrey definitely has a lot of the latter.
Needless to say i'm always looking forward to the result whenever i see something blonde hopping around like a maniac in front of me when i'm on stage.
Audrey equals quality. Period.

20.10.2010. ENSIFERUM in Vienna


Long time friends and partners ENSIFERUM were part of the HEIDENFEST tour this fall accross Europe. After seeing them in Munich, we joined the touring party again in Vienna, Austria. View photos of the show below by clicking on the thumbnails.



Sept 25th 2010

Gasometer, Vienna, Austria

17.10.2010. Check this morning's news!


Canada's Brave Words magazine has posted a feature about ShutterBLAST this morning: click on the thumbnail below to read more about our latest work with Ensiferum, Blind Guardian, Epica and more...


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