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16.11.2009. Mission Finland accomplished!

ShutterBLAST is back in Munich and would like to personally thank a number of lovely people for their help and support during our stay in Finland.


Zsuzsa J., Rasvan C., Mitja H., Liina J., Juha R., Mathias L., Mathias N., Mike L., Teemu S., Teemu M., Ane O., Olli V., Andreas P., Jukka V., Mikko S., Tomi R., Janica L. and Peik M. thanks guys without you I am nothing :)


We had a session a day over our stay in Finland so stay tuned for pics of Mike's Monster Jam, Finntroll, Indica, Turisas, Wintersun, Kiuas and Profane Omen.

04.11.2009. AMORPHIS at Hellflame Festival


One of our Finnish favorites Amorphis played at the Hellflame Festival on the 24th of October 2009 in Lichtenfels, Germany.


03.11.2009. NICK CAVE and the Bad Seeds in Seinäjoki


Still dreaming about the summertime, ShutterBLAST has uploaded some sunshine filled photos of the lord of darkness and murder: Australia's NICK CAVE during his performance at Seinäjoki's Provinssi Rock Festival.

Provinssi Rock Festival - Seinäjoki, Finland

June 14th 2009

03.11.2009. ShutterBLAST in Finland, bookings still open!


Always trekking around Germany and Finland, ShutterBLAST has been commissioned for some work in the Helsinki area. We're flying over for a longer time so we are still open for bookings at special price only during this period!


We are available in the Uusimaa Helsinki region, Porvoo, Hämeenlinna, Tampere, Jyväskylä and upon request we can travel anywhere else in Finland, or even Estonia.


Bookings are open until the 15th of November.


Contact: or +33 664351733

What you can get:

- Endorsement photos

- Promotional/press photos

- Live photos


For more info please see here.

01.11.2009. HALLOWEEN with ELUVEITIE - Official promo pics of IRIJ


Long time partners Eluveitie were promoting the follow up to their last acoustic album in Germany this week end, just on time for a little Halloween party. They requested a sequel to their last 'Don't say a word' interview, done in January. We granted that wish, with a little Halloween theme to the whole activity.


Click on the thumbnails for some fun interview questions!


Donzdorf - October 31st 2009




In other ShutterBLAST news, also related to ELUVEITIE: we are proud to announce that we have taken the official promotional photos for Meri TADIC's (violinist in Eluveitie) solo project IRIJ.


Check out her music by clicking on the thumbnail below:



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