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11.10.2009. Last PAGANFEST performance in Linz, Part 2


As previously reported, ShutterBLAST was following the PAGANFEST around Europe and we are now uploading the pics of the Linz show, marking the end of the tour and a lot of fun shenanigans. Some of these photos are mere snapshots just to show you how much fun was being had on stage, hope you enjoy!



Posthof, Linz, Austria - Oct 3rd 2009






07.10.2009. LENINGRAD COWBOYS in Munich


Russia - I mean Finland-'s most famous mariachis have marched all over the Bavarian stage and their propaganda to the German comrades was sung on October 7th 2009. Fresh from the camera, please find below the very extraordinary and one and only LENINGRAD COWBOYS!


Backstage, Munich - Oct 7th 2009

06.10.2009. PAGANFEST - All over Europe


ShutterBLAST was on the second European edition of the Paganfest on several dates. Below are some photos from the show in Linz, on the 03rd of October 2009 at Posthof. This was the last show of the tour and was rich with insanity, drunkness and nudity. A lot of fun in perspective indeed... Find the first 3 bands of the package below, more to come soon.


 October 3rd 2009 - Posthof, Linz, Austria




06.10.2009. ShutterBLAST new partners: TURISAS, TURMION KÄTILÖT and LUNAR PATH





ShutterBLAST is proud to announce our collaboration with some of Finland's greatest bands. After being partners of NORTHER and WINTERSUN for the last 4 years we are now proud to officially share our partnership with some of Suomi's finest: Battle Metal band extraordinaire TURISAS from Hämeenlinna, Finland's most provocative industrial metal band TURMION KÄTILÖT from Kuopio and the promising female fronted LUNAR PATH from Porvoo.


 Thanks to all bands for continuous great work together now and in the future, and above all thanks for the support!


-          Audrey of ShutterBLAST –


 'Audrey has shot more Turisas shows than anyone else during the last two years - she's our trusted photographer both on- and offstage, always delivering high-quality and lively pics. She has helped us out so much with different kinds of promo photos numerous times during this time only, so of course we want to show our support as well!'


 Olli Vänskä - TURISAS


"Audrey is not the kind of photographer who just documents the gig trough pictures, she really captures the moment and the excitement and never fails to produce vivid, alive pictures. Looking trough her extensive portfolio makes you wish you were there, at every single gig..."


 Joonas Eriksson - LUNAR PATH


Click below to discover or re-discover their websites!











As previously reported, being on the road across Europe most of the time, it sometimes gets a bit difficult for us to upload the photos we take in a timely manner as the clients are the priority. But as promised, we are gradually uploading all the summer photos on ShutterBLAST.


Below please find the talented LUNAR PATH from Porvoo and the band DREAMTALE from Finland who performed on the special VIP side event 'Metal Cruise' that was parallel to the Sauna Open Air festival in Tampere, Finland. The boat left the peer in the city center, went for a one hour cruise along the lakes of the region before bringing festival goers directly to a dock on the side of the mainstage of the Sauna festival.


Lunar Path's new album is available for digital download on channels such a Spotify and iTunes, go check them out!


Tampere, Sauna Open Air Heavy Metal Cruise in Finland

Tammerkoski - June 6th 2009



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