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21.06.2009. PLACEBO


One of ShutterBLAST's favorite bands since high school, PLACEBO, has finally made it in front of our lenses. Great show, but no real photopit, so this is all you get.



Seinäjoki, FINLAND, June 12th 2009 at ProvinssiRock

19.06.2009. Summer Nights Festival, Day 2


As promised, we're slowly uploading all the recent galleries. Next up, day 2 of Summer Nights Festival in Mining Am Inn in Austria. (May 23rd 2009)









17.06.2009. A bit of this and that... FINNTROLL at Sauna Open Air


ShutterBLAST was off to its second home Finland and has covered Sauna Open Air and Provinssi Rock. As explained below, we'll upload pics a bit sporadically but eventually everything will come... As we go along with post production, here are some photos of FINNTROLL at SAUNA OPEN AIR on Saturday June 6th 2009 in Tampere, Finland. 



04.06.2009. Coming Soon...


As a result of the great mainstream press recommendations it's been receiving lately, ShutterBLAST is getting more and more requests from various clients to cover wider arrays of events and deliver a larger variety of photos. As a result, it is becoming slightly difficult to reply to this huge demand while still keeping up the uploads on ShutterBLAST's website. Therefore we'd just like to let you know that we're more than still alive and WILL deliver hundreds of new pics as soon as physically possible!


For bookings on PRESS, PROMOTIONAL, ENDORSEMENT or other music and event related photography, please contact us NOW here: , we'll get back to you within 48 hours.


As of today we are off to Finland, Estonia and possibly Sweden to cover some more major Rock and Metal events, so see you tomorrow in Tampere at Sauna Open Air and next week in Seinäjöki for Provinssi Rock festival!


Very soon you'll be able to enjoy the following pics on ShutterBLAST upon our return to headquarters:

  • Keep of Kalessin on the Full of Hate Tour
  • Emilie Autumn's burlesque show from Vienna, Austria
  • Subway to Sally's show at Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
  • Eläkeläiset's humppa standards at Backstage, Munich, Germany
  • Ragnarök 2 day Festival in Lichtenfels, Bavaria
  • Days 2 and 3 of the Summer Nights Festival in Mining am Inn in Austria
  • AC DC at Munich's Olympic Stadium
  • Fiddler's Green in Ulm, Germany


Apart from these live events, there will also be a very long and cool list of session photos for press and endorsement purposes including various major American and European rock and metal bands, no more on that for now, just to keep your mouth watering!!


Upcoming events:


  • Sauna Open Air in Tampere, Finland
  • Provinssi Rock Open Air in Seinäjöki, Finland
  • a few more mainstream European festivals are coming up to, surprise, surprise!


This year we're booked pretty much every single week end, be it for music photography or weddings, so please be patient regarding the amount of photos uploaded!


Now fully equiped with a complete mobile photo studio, we're available for hire anywhere in the world. Book now, while slots are still open!


See you on the long hard road out of hell,


Audrey, owner of

29.05.2009. Summer Nights Day 1


This year again, ShutterBLAST joined the fun on the third edition of Austria's Summer Nights festival. Last year we joined only to see a few bands, this time we covered the whole 3 day event. 


Exceptionally this year, we agreed to add a guest photographer on day one: Thebon from Keep of Kalessin grabbed our spare cam and started to shoot alongside ShutterBLAST. A few photos in the following galleries are taken by him. 


THEBON in action, for



Photos of Day 1

Castle Frauenstein, MIning Am Inn, Austria

















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