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16.11.2008. Dark Tranquillity, Poisonblack, Fear My Thoughts


After flying to Dortmund to cover some more HEIDENFEST, ShutterBLAST returned to Munich straight away to cover DARK TRANQUILLITY, POISONBLACK and FEAR MY THOUGHTS.


Much to our disappointment, however, POISONBLACK interrupted their show after only one song, explaining the small number of photos. 


Click below to see photos in Munich Backstage, on the 09th of November 2008.








05.11.2008. HEIDENFEST - Just the beginning



ShutterBLAST will extensively cover the 'Winter-Paganfest' that is the Heidenfest over Europe.


The package tour features great pagan metal bands such as old time supporters FINNTROLL, Irish pagans PRIMORDIAL, ELUVEITIE, EQUILIBRIUM, CATAMENIA and MANEGARM. On specific dates, local support is expected as well as special guests such as ENSLAVED. Bring out your kilts and drinking horns, turn up the Humppa and saddle your donkeys to head towards your local fighting pits!


First stop: the Munich show on the 1st of November. For the record: the show was banned because of Bavarian law 'Tanzverbot' on the All-Saints-Day. The authorities forbade the concert so the promoter pushed the event back until midnight, leaving over 2,000 fans of the sold out concert waiting for several hours. The result: frustrated bands, frustrated fans and a show that went backwards: FINNTROLL first, the PRIMORDIAL, ELUVEITIE, etc, until 5 in the morning the next day.


To add to the confusion, it's clear that the in-house light technician decided to go home as well, leaving the stage in complete darkness, much to us photographers' distress. Nothing could save these photos, except maybe the presence of Finnish musicians not on the bill but who really saved the week end.


Of course, the Munich Backstage being the closest thing to ShutterBLAST's Headquarters, we were there, with mead in one hand and a camera in the other. Photos will be online soon, so stay tuned!


31.10.2008. Monster Magnet

 Legendary American band MONSTER MAGNET made its way to Bavaria this year, supported by Nebula's Stoner Rock.


Pics from Munich Backstage on October 29th 2008.





26.10.2008. HELLFLAME Festival 2008


You already guessed: after having to cancel 3 shows this week due to illness, ShutterBLAST still made it up in 'Franken', Bavaria, to cover the main bands of the Hellflame Festival 2008 Festival.


Taking place in Lichtenfels, Bavaria, the now familiar Stadthalle hosted the event on October 25th 2008.















23.10.2008. Ragnarok Tour Over Munich!

 TYR, HOLLENTHON, ALESTORM, SVARTSOT and GWYDION raged over Munich on October 16th, 2008 at Backstage. TYR returns with their original drummer KARI!


Witness the Pagan Madness!








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