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16.09.2007. AMORAL interview now on ROCK HARD ITALY ONLINE


The interview of Ben Varon of AMORAL can be found here on ShutterBLAST, and you can read it in its original context on the Rock Hard Italy Online's website here.


Article in Italian.

16.09.2007. ShutterBLAST supports NORTHER and AMORAL on the upcoming Euro Tour


This fall, ShutterBLAST will support the bands NORTHER and AMORAL on their European tour. However, we won't be able to do all this alone. We need you, the fans, to come out to the shows and we need to you to spread the word.


This is how you can help:

  1. Order you tickets in advance
  2. Post the tourdates in bulletins on your myspce
  3. Repost the following poster
  4. you are our street team! make it happen!



Here is the code that you need to copy in your myspace to repost the poster:


<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a>

12.09.2007. Amoral Photos online


The photos of the show AMORAL played supporting NORTHER at Nosturi in Helsinki can be found here:

11.09.2007. Batman chainsaws NORTHER bassist's instrument


A mysterious masked avenger bearing the sign of a bat come on stage at the sold out NORTHER gig at Nosturi, Helsinki, last Saturday, September 8th 2007.

Batman, followed by several Bat-girls methodically chainsawed, axed and smashed Jukka Koskinen's bass after showering the band's drummer Heikki Saari in several liters of Champagne and cream pie for his birthday.



  • Photos of the NORTHER gig available here.

10.09.2007. NORTHER and AMORAL gig at Nosturi, promotional photos of ROCK.




ShutterBLAST is back home after a VERY hectic time in Finland. We squeezed a special photo shoot in, in addition to the shooting of NORTHER and AMORAL at their SOLD OUT gig in Nosturi, Helsinki.


  • ShutterBLAST proudly anounces that we have shot the promotional photos for the Rock and Roll act ROCK, from Lappeenranta, Finland.


However, regarding the photos of the Nosturi show, unfortunately technical problems are preventing us from uploading them until further notice. Please be patient, since we have plenty of photos of unusal stage happenings such as:

  • Heikki's birthday surprise
  • Dancers
  • Champagne showers
  • Jukka's Pope tshirt and of course
  • Batman destroying Jukka's bass


It's really worth it, so make sure you keep your eyes turned to ShutterBLAST and be the first to catch the fun!

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