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16.06.2007. ShutterBLAST to conquer Finland!.... (again)


ShutterBLAST will shortly fly to the capital of Hard Rock as we know it, Hell-sinki.


I will cover of course the notorious TUSKA FESTIVAL and its aftershows in the Helsinki Clubs (Nosturi, Tavastia, On the Rocks, Hevimesta, Gloria...) and also some surprise gigs... Wait and see! 


Also expect some additions to the 'Other' section of ShutterBLAST, with non-band related material.


See you there!


16.06.2007. ShuterBLAST now fully operational!


As you can see, ShutterBLAST has improved.


  • We now have an easier navigation system, so that you can return to the top of articles in a simple click, or browse galleries easier.


  • We are slowly uploading audio interviews. This takes a while, as each interview needs to be manually edited first.


  • Why do you see 'new' next to all the galleries? That's because every gallery will be 'new' for one whole month after its creation. And since the whole site is less than a month old, all the galleries are therefore 'new'. Don't worry, it will be easier to read in a few days.



  • Can I have the password for the 'Behind the Scenes' galleries? I'm sorry, the answer is no. If you are not in one of the bands on my site or involved with one of them, then I will not give you the different passwords. However, if you ARE in one of those bands, or represent one of those bands, then you are more than welcome to contact me and I will send you the appropriate codes. (one band, one password).

16.06.2007. All Live Photos online!

Related photo


and thank you for your patience!

  1. Now all the live photos are online.  It took me 2 weeks, almost 4 hours a day to find, sort, resize, select and upload more than 1000 live photos. But now they are online for you to browse at your leisure.
  2. Please take into consideration the fact that a lot of the photos you will find are souvenirs taken with my camcorder, and are not trying to be or look like professional photos taken with an SLR camera.
  3. Don't forget to vote!


Updated bands are:

  • Venom
  • Epica (2 galleries)
  • Sodom
  • Moonspell
  • Tarot (2 galleries)
  • Timo Rautianien
  • Amoral (2 galleries)
  • Keep of Kalessin (2 galleries)
  • Hypocrisy (3 galleries)
  • Fear My Thoughts
  • Naglfar (2 galleries)
  • Wintersun (one more gallery)
  • Exodus (2 galleries)
  • Children of Bodom
  • Ektomorf
  • Sybreed
  • Samael
  • After Forever (one more gallery)
  • Magica
  • Nightmare
  • Aborted (one more gallery)
  • Cryptopsy
  • Dew Scented
  • Grave
  • Hurtlocker
  • Vesania
  • Dark Funeral
  • Amorphis
  • Blockheads
  • Dagoba
  • Mayhem
  • Old Dead Tree (2 galleries)
  • Darkside
  • Impaled Nazarene (2 galleries)
  • Napalm Death
  • Ensiferum (one more gallery)
  • Behemoth


09.06.2007. NORTHER STUDIO REPORT Online, Lots of New Bands added and a lot more to go!

Related photo




ShutterBLAST would like to thank everyone for the nice words on the launch of the site! We are so succesful that some other photographers have asked me to be featured on ShutterBLAST... This is an option that I will keep in mind and think over.


After 6 months, my NORTHER STUDIO REPORT is finally online on Tartarean Desire, so I encourage you to read it either here or directly at Tartarean Desire.


Also, I am still uploading photos to ShutterBLAST, here are the latest additions:

- Korpiklaani (2 galleries)
- Anathema
- Opeth
- Silentium
- Keep Of Kalessin
- Moonspell
- Impaled Nazarene
- A new Ensiferum gallery


I hope you enjoy these and don't forget to vote!

03.06.2007. Photos of FINNTROLL on the last show of Earthshaker Tour on ShutterBLAST!

Related photo

ShutterBLAST was there, in Nürnberg, on Friday May 4th 2006, to shoot the headliners FINNTROLL on the last show of the very controversial Earthshaker Road Show, before the tour was cancelled.

The bands all delivered a high quality perfomance, given the circumstances, and the audience responded in consequence.


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