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01.07.2010. FESTIVAL UPDATE - RUISTOCK Festival!


This year for the second time, ShutterBLAST will travel to the former capital of Finland Turku to cover the RUISROCK festival. We'll be covering the performances of Ozzy Osbourne, Finntroll, Arch Enemy, NOFX, Amorphis, Turisas, Poets of the Fall, PMMP and of course Amon Amarth.


Band bookings are now closed for photo sessions, unless negociable into our now quite full schedule.


See you there!

28.06.2010. ATTENTION BANDS! Bookings in Finland still open!



To all bands and representatives thereof:  Audrey DUJARDIN from ShutterBLAST will be available for all press, endorsement and promotional photos between the 5th and 8th July 2010 in Finland.


Audrey has rock-solid references in photography, with clients such as Metal Hammer, Terrorizer, Nuclear Blast, Century Media, and has had sessions with many world class artists such as BLIND GUARDIAN, MASTODON, FINNTROLL, BOON, ELUVEITIE, ABORTED, DEATHSTARS, etc.


For a full CV and list of clients, please email here:


 To discuss all projects, please get in touch ASAP, as several slots have already been claimed!

28.06.2010. FESTIVAL UPDATE - TUSKA Festival!



As every year, ShutterBLAST will be flying over to the heart of all things metal: Helsinki to cover the infamous TUSKA Festival.


This year will be a bit different, as we'll be presenting a video documentary and this means shooting less photos, but it's something new you will surely enjoy!


Watch us cover this mythical event with the likes of MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, DEVIN TOWNSEND, NEVERMORE, and many more!


TUSKA takes place at Kaisaniemi Park in central Helsinki, between the2nd and 4th of July 2010. See you there!

22.06.2010. ShutterBLAST shoots new OFFICIAL BLIND GUARDIAN Promo Pics!


It's with great pride that we are happy to announce that we've shot the new official promo pics of the legendary German power-metal pioneers BLIND GUARDIAN!


The band flew down to Munich for several days to work with us on  various locations including a medieval cellar, a power plant and they are the first band to pass through our photo studio!


Please log into the Nuclear Blast press lounge for high-resolution versions of these pics.


See below a couple sample photos:






What a busy month it's been! METALFEST AUSTRIA, METALFEST TOULOUSE, ABORTED official promo pics, ABORTED Endorsement pics, ALESTORM promo pics, TYR Endorsement pics, CYNIC sessions, another big promo shoot with a big German band that will be revealed soon, and now: SONISPHERE SWITZERLAND!


We were scheduled for some sessions and live work at France's HELLFEST but unforseen circumstances and a minor injury kept us from there. As a last minute replacement, we've been commissionned to shoot the ultimate BIG FOUR (METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX) at Switerland's SONISPHERE.


See you tomorrow with OVERKILL at the warm-up party and then on the festival grounds the day after!

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