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21.03.2010. 30 Seconds to Mars in Munich


ShutterBLAST had been working on some press material with 30 SECONDS TO MARS this fall, so it only felt satisfying to come full circle and shoot them live in Munich. Unfortunately, the organizers posted faulty information online so we missed the photo slot for the amazing opening band CARPARK NORTH. Photographers had to shoot the show from the mixing desk - ridiculous but true. We hope you enjoy the photos anyway (and god bless image stablizers). 



March 21st 2010, Zenith, Munich, Germany








19.03.2010. Audrey DUJARDIN leads video projects on FINNTROLL, second video posted online


Century Media Records commissioned Audrey DUJARDIN of ShutterBLAST for a series of videos about FINNTROLL's new record NIFELVIND. Audrey led and directed the project and conducted the interviews. Cameras and editing handled by the talented Mitja HARVILAHTI.



The second of these can be viewed below, on Century Media's Youtube Channel. 




Filmed in Helsinki on January 9th 2010 in Helsinki at Skrymer's home.


16.03.2010. Tales from the road... Two weeks following PAGANFEST


ShutterBLAST's Audrey DUJARDIN was of course following this year's installment of the PAGANFEST with long time partners FINNTROLL and ELUVEITIE. Straight after FME, Audrey flew to Munich to hop on the tour. A complete photo report along with some reflections on the pagan metal scene can be read on TERRORIZER's website.


Click HERE or on the image below to read the full article. 


16.03.2010. ShutterBLAST hosts FINNTROLL - TURISAS interview in Helsinki, PART 2


Audrey DUJARDIN hosted an interview between Mathias Lillmans of FINNTROLL and Mathias Nygard of TURISAS in Helsinki, in early January 2010. 


This clip is one of several teasers for the full length interviews that will be featured in the bonus DVD of the next issue of METAL HAMMER. So make sure you go out and buy it tomorrow!


Watch the teaser by clicking on the image below:


14.03.2010. Some AMORPHIS, since I'm home.


It's the first week-end that I'm home in ages, so to relax instead of travelling I decided to quickly work on a few Amorphis shots I didn't have a chance to come to when they played in Munich last fall. I was angry with the photos because the show was so dark but in the end I think the photos' grainy touch give them more character.



November 6th 2009

Backstage Munich Germany

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